Wild Horse Filmed Stomping the Snot Out of an Alligator at Florida State Park

2522 views09 June 2020
The State Park, located in North Central Florida, takes visitors back in time to the scenery that they may have seen several hundred years ago. The preserve has a reputation for bringing guests as close to the authentic natural world of Florida as possible with its stunning scenery and an incredible array of wildlife. The Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, located near Gainesville, was Florida’s very first state preserve, and it’s usually a very peaceful oasis where folks can spot creatures such as wild bison and horses roaming free. The park also offers several trails for biking, hiking, or horseback riding. And Visitors often love to canoe, camp, and fish in this beautiful natural paradise.

Recently Tourists at the state park, who were only expecting a day filled with wonders as well as plenty of Florida sunshine, instead witnessed firsthand just how powerful and terrifying nature can be when they saw a wild horse trot up and start curb-stomping an alligator for no apparent reason! Krystal M. Berry just so happened to be at the scene to capture the insane animal confrontation. Berry said after the encounter that she was “still shaking.” In the video, you see the horse grazing to the right along with the rest of its herd just a few feet from the gator, which appears to be sunning.

However, something makes the horse look up and take notice of the reptile.

The horse than casually starts making its way toward the alligator.

Then the hooves start flying!

The alligator seems stunned and bewildered by the attack and instinctively snaps at the horse.

But the horse is too quick and continues to circle and attack before leaving the fight.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from this folks is that wild horses are nothing to mess around with. If they aren’t afraid of alligators, humans probably will do best to social distance much further than 6 feet from them. You can watch the entire above video .

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