So sick she couldn’t even stand, this stray cried out when rescuers picked her up

16442 views21 July 2019

This story is something that may give people goose bumps after taking a look at the condition of this stray dog. This dog was found in the worst condition; it seemed to have been starving from long and also dehydrated. It was all sick and so skinny that it was unable to stand on its own. The moment rescuers got to know about this dog they went to her help.

The dog was so disgusted that the moment rescuers picked it up it started crying and the pain could be seen in its eyes as if it wanted to die. However, the rescuers had something else for this baby and took it with them. The dog was being fed, treated and groomed and within a span of a few days it started to recover. Gradually it started to enjoy its life, started gaining weight and the transformation of this sick dog turned into something unexpected.

It is just the right help that may make you after you are broken and when you get that hand you are always moved towards the right track like this dog which got help from the rescue team and they transformed its life.

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