Rescuers Found Pups Covered In Hardened Tar In The Garbage, Unable To Move An Inch

1314 views15 June 2020
Some poor dogs could only move their eyes were found and rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited. The animals were trapped in their own bodies as they were wrapped in hardened tar. The pups were searching through the garbage, when the tar was dumped in it and hardened on their fur.

It took a long time at the rescue where the tar was softened by the rescuers with oils and caked on an inch thick in spots. Although the dogs were in very terrible way, but they were in safe hands now. They worked 3 hours continuously, and then they let the dogs have a rest before they back on.

The dogs will be for 3 days under bath treatments and oil and until there are no tar chunks and stuck garbage in their fur anymore. Then, the dogs surprisingly reunited with their mother after they healed. Watch the above video.

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