Psycho Monster Drags His Dog For More Than 100 Yards, Attacks Passerby Who Intervene

2328 views13 May 2020
A serious case of animal brutality was being investigated by the deputies of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office as they received many people sent them complaints about the case. Residents in a neighborhood in Port Richey, Florida, said that they saw Andrew Levine, a 28-year-old man, dragging his pooch for more than a hundred yards.

Unfortunately, the poor innocent pooch trying to break free and was also yelping but Andrew never stopped! Andrew also kicked and punched some onlookers, who tried to help the dog. A woman was also struck in the face by Andrew!

Fortunately, while Andrew was busy to assault the rescuers, the dog was able to break free. Andrew closed the door in the police’s faces, and the dog got away and no one was able to locate him. Eventually, the police have been able to arrest Andrew, and he faces many charges related to resisting arrest, disorderly intoxication, animal cruelty, and assault and battery.

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