Police Searching For Abuser Who Threw Terrified Dog Off Cliff, While Laughing Friend Filmed It

22786 views27 November 2019

Despite being known as the most loyal friend mankind could hope for, many dogs continue to suffer abuse and violence at the hands of people who have no compassion and no conscience.

A recent episode of sickening animal abuse that occurred in Cornwall was recorded on film and then posted online.

In the film, a man throws an innocent dog off a cliff so that he falls into the sea below while a companion films his heartless cruelty, laughing all the while.

The dog is obviously terrified and confused as to why he deserves this abusive behavior.

Thousands of viewers saw this vicious act on social media before the posting was removed.

Although the images are grainy, it’s clear to see that the man throws the black and white dog into the air from his cliffside position, estimated to be over 100 feet high.

Viewers can hear the man’s friend who filmed his activities laughing with glee while the dog falls into the sea water below.

Miraculously, the dog was able to struggle through the water and paddle his way back to the shore.

Local police officials are investigating this act of animal cruelty, telling the public that while they are aware of the man’s criminal behavior, they have not yet been able to identify him.

The police have also reported that the dog was checked out medically and was not found to be injured, at least physically.

News of this horrendous abuse continues to spread, with animal lovers and activists alike hoping this case will raise awareness that more needs to be done to stop and punish animal abusers.

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