Police Officer In Tears After Realizing Poor Treatment Of Former Service Dogs, He Knew He Had To Step In.

3919 views12 January 2020
For some police dog trainers, it's "I have your back" while on active duty; for some others like officer Bai Yan, it's "I am here with you" from cradle to grave.

The Chinese police dog trainer Bai Yan set up a nursing home outside of Hangzhou in east China's Zhejiang Province for retired police dogs in 2005. In China, retired police dogs usually remain at the station or department where they served, if they’re not adopted by local citizens. But few bases for police dogs have adequate resources to care for canine retirees.

The 16 "residents" here average over 10 years old. Bai Yan has fished all the money from his own pocket to build this facility, which has taken care of 26 retired police dogs in the past 12 years.

Bai is 55 years old and sprightly compared to the retirees in his care, but he said all old dogs are young at heart. In addition to making sure the dogs get enough general exercise every morning and afternoon, he keeps their detective skills sharp with a variety of games, such as hiding balls for them to find, jumping and obstacles course racing.

“That makes the dogs feel like they are still valuable,” Bai said.

Bai has set up this nursing home so that they can live in dignity until their last breath. And Bai is always with those dying police dogs in the facility to accompany them for security and dignity.

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