People Find A Poor Dog Completely Covered In Tar And Unable To Move, Work 9 Hours To Save Her

681 views20 November 2020

What a group of animal rescue workers did in Libertad, Merlo, Argentina, is winning the internet. They rescued Aloe, a poor dog that had fallen into a tar pit and was struggling to wriggle away before entirely giving up. The dog was then found by kids after they heard the incessant barks of several other dogs in the neighborhood. The kids conveyed the message to their parents who then proceeded to alert the relevant authorities and the news quickly reached Proyecto 4 Patas, a not-for-profit organization, which arrived with its cavalry to commence a long and arduous rescue operation.

The group consisting of eight individuals worked tirelessly for nine hours, from dusk to dawn, used 50 liters of oil and gave three baths to scrub her clean and rescue the doggo. And the good news is, they succeeded. Aloe is now completely healthy and safe. Here are a few pictures that show the magnitude of work the volunteers undertook and the progress they made.

A representative from the organization Proyecto 4 Patas spoke to Bored Panda and shared their thoughts and experience of their rescue mission. “Aloe is now feeling great, she is such a lovely dog.”  Aloe “loves eating absolutely everything, and she follows us around all day, all she wants is to give love and receive it. Everyone here is just crazy about her", the representative said. “Right now we are focusing on getting her healthy, she is really thin. Eventually, we will be looking for her forever family.”

Proyecto 4 Patas told Bored Panda that they have been helping dogs and cats in all kinds of emergency situations for the last 13 years. “But we never have found a dog in Aloe’s situation. We just can’t imagine how much she had suffered, the desperation of not being able to move for so long. When we were cleaning her, we were so afraid that she could die at any time, but after the first bath, she seems to relax so much. She knew we were trying to help her. After we finished, we thought that she would be exhausted and let her sleep, but no, all she wanted was to stay near us and cuddle. Aloe has truly reborn that night, and she has ahead of her a great life. She deserves it, just like all the dogs in the world.”

The organization has over two million likes on Facebook and over 315k followers on Instagram and is gaining more and more supporters with their anti-animal experimentation campaigns. They oppose using animals for clothing, or for food and entertainment. They believe that all animals have basic rights including the right to live and not suffer. If you encounter an animal in a similar circumstance, the best thing to do would be to use vegetable oil to scrub the tar off as much as possible. Avoid using kerosene or any flammable liquids for scrubbing purposes as they can damage the animal's skin

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