Mom Holds Dead Preemie Baby for Two Hours, Begs Him to Come Back to Life

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When we find out we’re expecting a baby, parents are usually delighted. We spend nine months planning for our little one to join our family, and that includes lots of shopping, but it also includes mental preparation. We begin to envision this little soul who will be entering the world and becoming a part of our family. What most parents-to-be rarely think about is a baby being stillborn or dying shortly after birth. It’s probably our minds that protect us from this possible eventuality, and it’s hard to even imagine it happening. However, it does happen sometimes, leaving families in grief and dealing with an unspeakable tragedy.

When Australian couple David and Kate Ogg found out they were expecting a baby, they were over the moon. See, getting pregnant wasn’t easy for them and they had been trying for years to conceive a baby. When the doctor pointed out two fetuses on the ultrasound, they felt doubly blessed and they were ecstatic, to say the least. Occasionally, twin pregnancies can be complicated and for sure they’re more complicated than pregnancies involving one baby. And when the Oggs’ babies were born, they were heartbroken to learn that one of them was declared dead shortly after he came into the world.

However, the doctors didn’t take into account the possibility of a miracle or a mother’s profound love. According to the doctors, baby boy Jamie was dead, but Kate and David had other plans for this baby and his healthy sister, baby Emily. The Oggs asked the doctors if they could spend some time alone with their baby boy to say their final goodbye before he was taken away. Of course, the doctors agreed. As they cradled their motionless little baby, their hearts continued to break. But Kate kept holding him and she said it’s because he was so cold. She wanted him to be warm.

David and Kate crawled into bed with their baby son and spoke to him and sang him lullabies as they held him close to their skin. Every now and again, the baby would gasp, but the medical team had already told the young couple that these were just reflexes and their baby was definitely gone. But then a miracle happened. After holding the baby for a couple of hours, he just started breathing on his own. The doctors were shocked.

David said that he feels very fortunate that he has a “very strong, very smart wife,” who instinctively did what she felt she needed to do. Here’s the best part: these two beautiful babies are nine years old now and they’re both perfectly healthy.

Whatever happened during his birth and the minute shortly after have had no negative effects on Jamie’s life.

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