Meghan And Harry Share Adorable Video Of Baby Archie Giggling On His First Birthday

1412 views13 November 2020

Archie is turning out to be his dad's mini-me.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a new video of their son in celebration of his first birthday. On Wednesday, we got to see how Archie looks just like his dad when he was a baby. According to People, not only do they share the same reddish hair but Harry even said: "you can see it in his eyebrows" during the family's fall tour of Africa. Place Prince Harry's photo taken one month after his own first birthday next to Archie's and it's hard to tell the difference. Like father, like son! 

In the video, the ex-royal couple shared, the Duchess of Sussex reads one of Archie's favorite books, Duck! Rabbit! Harry is behind the camera, taping his sweet birthday boy excitedly turning pages of the book and even holding up a book to read next. He even exclaims, "Bravo!" after finishing the story. Archie then smiles sweetly and appears to say "dada." Archie's big day was used to highlight the continuing need to get food and learning aids like books to children around the world. Harry and Meghan (and it looks like, little Archie too) are supporting the @SaveWithStories campaign in the U.S. — and @SaveChildrenUK in the U.K. — which helps kids who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. #SAVEWITHSTORIES was created by Jen Garner and Amy Adams in March in the U.S.

The last time we saw baby Archie was on New Year's Eve. He was just 8 months old at the time. His parents shared a sweet photo of the infant in Harry’s arms while standing in front of a scenic view. Just like this time, Archie appeared on social media with a sweet message behind it. The father and son duo were sporting cozy knit caps and the one on Archie has a sweet story behind it. His hat is from Make Give Live, an enterprise that helps bring people to knit together in New Zealand. For each item purchased, one is donated to a Kiwi in need. A hat from the foundation was given to Meghan Markle as a gift when the royal couple visited New Zealand in October 2018. 

Claire Conza, who co-founded Make Give Live three years ago, said the enterprise has been overwhelmed with orders ever since the photograph came out. "The orders are just flying in like crazy," said Claire Conza she said alongside her business partner Becky Smith. "I'm getting multiple orders a second. We'd made thousands of dollars before 8 am this morning and we've sold out of all the stock that we had of that style (the Cocobear)." When the countless orders poured in Conza slipped into work ordering all the wool that her supplier had available, which was about 400 balls, or around 600 beanies' worth.

Another time just before that we saw Archie take center stage in the Duke of Duchess of Sussex’s first Christmas card as a family of three. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle posed for the photograph with little Archie crawling towards the camera. The black-and-white photograph was taken by the Duchess' good friend and actress Janina Gavankar, according to Royal Reporter Omid Scobie, who posted the picture on Twitter. A digital version of the card was sent out to be more environment-friendly. What's more magical is that the card was turned into a GIF with a sparkly background. 

According to the Sun, Baby Archie Harrison was born on May 6, 2019,  and was christened exactly two months later. The toddler is seventh in line to the throne and is the youngest great-grandchild to Queen Elizabeth II. For his birthday this year, the family had planned to take Archie to Scotland to spend time with the Queen and have a picnic at the Balmoral Castle. But due to self-isolation they're sticking to a FaceTime call instead. The birthday celebrations had to be scaled down to just the three of them. To make up for it, they planned to make baby Archie some animal-themed cupcakes, as he is said to be an "animal lover". We can't wait to see baby Archie all grown up. We think so far he's definitely taking after his dad, Prince Harry.

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