Mama Dog And Her 9 Puppies Found Abandoned In A Church Parking Lot

737 views28 September 2020

A mother dog was found in the parking lot of the North Side Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas, sitting beside the bin her nine babies were abandoned in. The Good Samaritans who spotted them posted the following photo to social media asking for assistance.

It was then that Misty Boerger of Paw Angel Animal Rescue stepped in to rescue the family. She and the other volunteers loaded the five-year-old Boxer mix and her two-week-old pups into their car and brought them back for checkups.

The mama, Dory, needed immediate care. She had many open wounds on her body that needed attention. Sadly, one puppy didn’t make it, but the others are now with their mother in a foster home and getting better each day. They’ll all be put up for adoption once ready.

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