Homeless Dog Rescued After Living Inside An Old Car Tire For Long Time

3544 views09 February 2020
You have to really be aware of your surroundings – like this man who was driving past a landfill Puerto Penasco, Mexico when he saw something odd inside an old tire.

At first, he wasn’t sure what it was, but it was moving.

He moved in closer and saw that there was a very sick and thin dog laying in the discarded tire.

dog in a tire

The man quickly made a call to Claudia Ortega, the manager of an animal hospital with ties to the organization Compassion Without Borders (CWOB).

dog in a tire

Christi Camblor, the founder of CWOB, said that the dog was using the tire as shelter and had probably been living out at the landfill for months or even years!

The dog was dubbed Yoko, was estimated to be eight years old.

Yoko was taken to CWOB for a full exam and a complete shave!

dog in a tire

Her fur was so matted that they had no choice but to shave it all off.

Yoko was covered in fleas and tick and had an ulcerated wound on her stomach.

dog in a tire

Just a few days later, Yoko went to live with Claudia and began her search for a loving forever home.

Claudia says Yoko follows her around wagging her tail!

dog in a tire

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Yoko is happy to have been found and rescued from her unhappy life at the landfill.

dog in a tire

CWOB is hopeful that Yoko will find a forever home soon.

One thing is certain, she will never have to live alone in a dirty old tire ever again!

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