Hero Police German Shepherd Gets Honor’s Guard On Final Walkies Before Being Put To Sleep…

7774 views03 October 2019
A German shepherd called Judge carried his sleeve of training in his mouth when he walked past some saluting officers. Some vets and officers gave an emotional send-off to the hero police dog after losing his combat with illness.

A dozen K-9 units and more than 30 officers lined to salute him, as what Cpl Mike Franks asked for. Specialists and vets from Swedesboro Animal Hospital in Woolwich Township, New Jersey also lined up to show the dog their respects. The video shows some nice footage for Judge, 9, final journey. Judge, helped arrest about 152 people, fortunately he was put to sleep.

He started his big career in 2007 with Cpl Franks, and he managed to seize drugs and three vehicles, confiscate more than $47,000 in cash and remove 3 handguns from streets. But sadly, he was forced to retire in 2013 because of teeth problems and deteriorating health that caused to hair

Sean McKenna, West Deptford deputy chief, said that he had gone under many surgeries, but without any good results, he added that the vets gave him many months to live, but he could not stand in just few days. He had his final bite as he was referring to the ‘sleeve’ in his mouth. In 2014 they decided to end his life as he could not bear more, the medical expenses of Judge were about $10,000 instead of $300 that are set for such dogs. Watch the video to see his Judge’s final journey.

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