Dog Was Abandoned On Streets With Her Diapers As She Was Paralyzed!

2575 views04 March 2020

Unfortunately, dogs with disabilities usually stay at shelters until they are dead, as people are always looking for healthy dogs when they want to adopt a dog.

This story speaks about a disabled dog, who found a great family that took care of her for a while, but everything changed one day! Lunita’s family dumped her in streets in Argentina as she is paralyzed, and they do not take care of her!

She was abandoned with her wheelchair, believing that it was enough for them to take care of her! Actually, that was a great thing for her, as she was taken by passerby, who saw her, to a vet, where she received a new wheelchair.

Thankfully, she found another loving family in USA after her story was shared online. Her new family said that she changed their life, and they loved her. Watch the video .

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