Dog Left Chained For 10 Years Finally Gets To Leave Her Private Hell

5855 views11 September 2019
Meet a dog who was named ‘Judas’, and then renamed to ‘Judith’ after her rescue.

Animal Advocates Society was notified of a dog who had been abused out in the winter cold for at least 10 years – with no love, shelter and proper sanitation.

She had never played, nor taken out for walks.

She was found surrounded in her own frozen faeces, and her former owners would even urinate on her every now and then.

Neighbors have been making pleading calls to the British Columbia SPCA, but nothing was done, and the dog’s former owners were Scot-free for so many years!

‘Judith’ finally received the love and care she greatly deserved after her rescue, and her life on a chain was no more.

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