Disabled Pitbull Pup Found Locked In Duffle Bag In The Woods

2323 views12 June 2020
There is no reason for anyone to abandoned their animals despite anything. But unfortunately, these things happen and many people abandoned their animals and this story is about one of these incidents about a dog called Freya that was found just in time.

Freya was found by kind humans in a duffle bag in the woods. Freya, who was just a small baby, was missing her front paws, so she was directly taken to the vet to be examined.

Freya was held by Emily, a kind woman, to calm her down. Freya started directly be calmed when she was held so Emily directly knew that Freya was meant to be hers.

Freya was taken by Emily the next day to her home that was prepared to be friendly for her as she is so little and missing her 2 paws. Freya found her favorite spot to play which is in her mother's bed.

Emily got Freya the cutest socks to wear to help her in walking. Freya grow fast and she is in love with Emily’s children. She also goes with them to the playground to play. Her favorite game is to climb the slides and slide down. She is so adorable. Watch the above video .

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