Brothers, Ages 5 and 7, Survive At Home On Their Own For Days After Their Mom Suddenly Collapses and Dies

1115 views11 November 2020

One day, teachers near the small town of Talty, Texas, became increasingly concerned after noticing that two of their young students — who are brothers, ages 7 and 5 — had not been in class for several days in a row. This was rather unusual, and they had not heard from their mom about her children’s absences. It turns out that 71-year-old Connie Taylor had been in the process of adopting the brothers, as they had already been living with her as her foster kids. However, the staff at the Forney Independent School District began to suspect something was off after they did not receive any word regarding the whereabouts of the children.

So, they decided to contact Talty police who dispatched officers to the home to conduct a welfare check. When the officers arrived, the boys opened the front door for the officers and then pointed to their mom. Taylor was lying dead on the floor. The children said that their adoptive mom had passed out, and they could not get her to wake up. The boys also said they tried to call for help, but could not unlock Taylor’s cellphone.  The officers were simply in shock when they learned that their mom wasn’t just unconscious but rather dead, and these children had been surviving on their own for several days.

Police are now praising the teachers who called them as real heroes for following their instincts and letting them know about the children before it was too late.

You can watch a video to hear more details about this tragic story.

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