A Giant Piranha Has Been Caught In Congo River, Big Enough To Eat A Crocodile!

8503 views10 December 2019

Normally, when we think about a fish we get a very cool and calm feeling because normally we have found this sea animal a very comforting and peaceful one that has affected no one ever. However, in some or the other way at times this animal may also turn out being deadly, this is because of the different species of fish being found every now and then.

A deadly giant fish named as Piranha was found in the river Congo, this fish was proved being a dangerous one when a child was attacked by it. This fish has been weighing about 50 kg and may even eat an entire crocodile at a time. The size and layout of the fish is no less than a crocodile and it has been a threat for the people living nearby. This fish has created a huge damage for the many sea animals in the Congo River.

Not only the sea animals have their lives at stake but also many humans in the surrounding areas have been scared after it took away the life if a 13 year old boy. This deadly sea animal has created a situation of panic for the people living near the Congo River

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