9 Puppies Are Locked In A Cooler By Their Owner, Who Leaves To Die Painful Deaths, Saved And Available For Adoption!

5124 views04 January 2020

Nine pups were rescued from a cooler that was found abandoned on the side of a Texas road Friday.

The puppies were found by a good Samaritan who was checking out the cooler to see if she could repurpose it, Karri McCreary, a Vet Ranch Veterinarian, told InsideEdition.com.

When she opened it, she was shocked.

“There were nine of them crammed in a really small cooler. They were just panting, hot, and covered in urine and feces,” McCreary said.

She called the local rescue Hunts County Pets Alive, who came to get the dogs.

But, the pups, five boys and four girls, miraculously all turned out healthy.

McCreary said they couldn’t have been in the cooler for more than a few hours. Otherwise they wouldn’t have made it.

Thankfully, McCreary said the 4-week-old pups are recovering from their ordeal quite nicely.

“They are eating great and playing. They are fat little chunky puppies," she said. 

All of the canines are now up for adoption and those interested can contact Hunt County Pets Alive.

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